New smoking law lifts cloud from rentals

Posted on January 01, 2012

There are many new laws that annoy me and some that I applaud. This is one law in which I am happy about. While many view this as a “health” related law, I view it as a “maintain property value” law.

I very much dislike the smell of smoke. I hate when I go to a hotel that has allowed smoking in the past or people have disobeyed the law and smoked in the room before. It doesn’t matter how much they paint the walls, change the linens and change the carpet, the room still smells like smoke. I unfortunately can only take my business elsewhere because I don’t own the property. I can’t complain if I’m at someone elses home, as it is not mine. But I not only own the home I currently live in, but I own my former house as well. I like the other house, but I don’t want it to be vacant and I need the income of a renter. As the owner, I should reserve the right to make and enforce a smoking ban on MY property. Yes, someone else is using my property, but it is still MY property. If a renter were to smoke in or under the eaves of MY house, the smell remains. I would not want to live where it smells like this, nor would many other people, bringing the value down on the home. If you don’t like that, rent elsewhere and good riddance.
Napa Valley Register – New smoking law lifts cloud from rentals – 1/1/12.